KOMUBOOK started preparing the books for printing

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The first Ukrainian platform crowdpuller November 15, has completed fundraising for its first five editions.

Translations of all five books already finished, so we can hope that they will be released sooner than 90 days in December or January. The projects collected only 10-20% of the cost, but previously the founder of the platform Pavel Shved promised that they implement. The portion of runs that do not have specific donations that will sell in stores for (at least) twice higher price.

Also made some changes in Agreement use of the site, and now everyone who didn’t manage to split an edition of the desired book in 30 days, have the opportunity to do it while preparing to print.

KOMUBOOK – crowdfunding platform to publish books, which have long been lacking in Ukrainian cultural space. In the first series: Gunter S. Thompson, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad, William S. Burroughs and Philip K. dick.

Photo: kaboompics.

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