Kvit was fired. and. the rector of NAU Rmulas Hrushevskogo

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Serhiy Kvit said that from November 6, 2015 duties of the rector of NAU started V. Kharchenko.

V. a. rector G. Hrushevskogo dismissed because of the financial schemes by washout of the University and the intention to appeal in court the decision of the Cabinet on transfer of the State border service of the seven aircraft purchased illegally (without a tender) a few years ago, said Serhiy Kvit on his page in facebook.

As Kvit says: “These aircraft never flew in the air and was not used for training students. Also really was a G. Hrushevskogo attempt to reinstate the first Vice-rector N. Lutsky. Currently acting rector of NAU Professor.Harchenko. According to Lutsk is not related to the University.”

The MES order is published on the University website.

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