Metropolitan universities may close on quarantine

The Kyiv authorities have decided to introduce additional security measures to prevent the spread of flu and SARS.

The Kyiv city state administration appealed to the MES with the proposal to introduce quarantine in institutions of higher education, according to “Kyiv City”, citing the Deputy head of KGGA Mikhail Radutsky. “We have asked the education Ministry to impose preventive quarantine in universities and other institutions that are not subordinate to the city. However, although this process is more difficult to organize than in schools, we recommend at least in student dormitories increased security measures, including to enter the mode masks and more sanitary processing of premises”, – said radutsky.

Radutsky also noted that among students, there is a reduction in the number of patients. At the same time, among the adult population getting bigger. And it is because for this category of the population has not yet imposed any restrictive measures.

Recall that in schools quarantine extended to January 27 inclusive. Transferred all school competitions scheduled for this time.

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