Midfielder “Dawn” Pavel khudzik is in a coma

“”While I do not want to comment. Let’s wait. Pasha is a strong man. We wish him good health and pray that all goes well. Of course, deplorable situation, but that’s life. Before the game, when your friend gets in a car accident and is in a coma, the children’s reaction is understandable. I hope he’ll be fine”, — quotes the expert of the club’s press service.

We will remind, the accident occurred on 6 March on the route Kyiv — Cherkassy. At 140 km from Kiev “Volkswagen Polo” player has faced with “Nissan X Trail”, which, according to eyewitnesses, went into the oncoming lane.

The Japanese driver of the car died on the spot, while chudzik received craniocerebral injury and was taken to a hospital in the town of Zolotonosha.

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