Ministers of Britain needs to return the Crimea to Ukraine

The British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond wants Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine. He said this in his official statement to mark the anniversary of the entry of the Peninsula into the Russian Federation reports |

“”The illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia a year ago is a flagrant violation of international law. She showed a complete disregard for the rights of Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity. (…) It is absolutely unacceptable that Russia has used force to change borders, ” stressed Hammond.


According to the Minister, the UK does not recognise the referendum held in Crimea. He added that “annexation of Crimea was illegal in March 2014 and remains illegal in March 2015″.

“”Russia must return the Crimea Ukraine”, — said the head of the British foreign office.

Earlier, U.S. state Department spokesman Jen Psaki also said that the United States will never recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia. She noted that imposed on Russia U.S. sanctions will be in effect until such time as the Peninsula will not return to the Ukraine.

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