Mon clear the waters with mandatory EIT on foreign

The press service of the Ministry of education and science explained that the mandatory OIE in English will not. But graduates will pass the exam GIA in the format of EIT with the foreign, which he studied as a major.

Foreign language is one of the examinations GIA-EIT, which will take the graduates of 2016. Last year, the exam in this format was only Ukrainian, and the results were positive. MES therefore decided to continue, and next year the unified examinations will be commissioned in three subjects: Ukrainian language and literature, foreign language and mathematics or history (your choice).

Since English will not be compulsory for admission to all specialties. Will be as before: the results of the examination in a foreign will be considered for admission where they will be listed in the admission regulations.

MES hopes that such testing will enable to evaluate the level of learning foreign languages in Ukrainian schools and will facilitate further reforms in this area.

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