MTS has created a desert city to test driverless cars

Center the transformation of transport (Mobility Transformation Centre, MTS) at the University of Michigan will create a desert city Est. Its feature is that it only robotic vehicles.

Home Emst (Mcity) is only the facade in the spirit of the American Midwest, but the roads and crossroads absolutely true. Everything here is created in order to get the perfect controlled environment in which to practice new technologies and unmanned vehicles to test new unmanned vehicles. And the first cars on the roads Emst will be an experimental model, which will help developers MTS test and compare the drive of unmanned vehicles, connected and managed by a single “center of motion”, and the same car, but completely independent.

“When going to the real tracks in front of unmanned vehicles raises a huge number of tasks and difficulties, said Director of MTS Swetman Peter (Peter Sweatman). – Est provides a safe, controlled and, moreover, a realistic environment where we can unleash their full potential”.

Emst enough to accurately simulate loose suburban development typical of the USA and some other developed countries. And although the house is marked only conditionally, on the roads all to be honest: controlled and uncontrolled intersections, traffic signs and markings, turns, blind alleys and sidewalks.

The developers of the MTS has been designed taking account of the circumstances that for novice drivers, creates a special difficulty – and tried to create their drivers. Road signs are sometimes difficult to see under the paint or graffiti over branches, some of the bands covered repair work, some markings have faded and it is almost impossible to distinguish. According to MTS staff, the km test on this road is hundreds of kilometers in the real world where all these difficulties are rarely encountered so close to each other.

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