NAU invites you to a conversation about women in science

Scientific society of students, postgraduates, doctoral students and young scientists of NAU invites everyone for a chat over a Cup of coffee on opportunities and challenges for women in science.

The meeting will be held on February 11 (the Day of women and girls in science) at 17:00 at the National aviation University. The exact location of the registered participants will receive later, is known from the page in Vkontakte.

You can register here.

Among the invited speakers: Anna Rudakova – candidate of technical Sciences, nominee for Clementina Saduwa Award from IEEE, the author of the book published in Springer, Catherine Shabanova is the initiator and head of international grants in the framework of the NATO program “Science for peace and security”, senior researcher at NAU, biologist, Olga Maslova – cell biologist, author of the blog, and other interesting scientists.

Photo: pixabay

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