New restrictions in Facebook: photo taboo on the female breast and describe a sexual act

Social network Facebook has expanded the list of content prohibited for publication on the pages of users. The changes presented in the extended version of “community Standards”, There are reports | with reference to TSN.

In particular, in addition to the prohibited materials in the “black list” made the image of a female breast (however, the company clarifies that these are not pictures of breastfeeding and image support of women who underwent mastectomy), verbal descriptions of sexual intercourse, processed in a photo editing photos which degrade man, as well as video from acts of physical violence.

It should be noted that the filtering of content in Facebook are hundreds of employees around the world that react solely to messages about inappropriate material.

In addition, on Monday, the company also disclosed information about the surveillance requests it receives from different countries of the world regarding the disclosure of user data. So, in the second half of 2014, many Western countries have sent fewer requests than in the previous six months. For example, the United States sent 14274 requests, of which 79 % were satisfied with Facebook.

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