News startup Slant allows everyone to be an author

Recently started operations start-up Slant, which bills itself as “the most heterogeneous of news editors in America.”

Starting September 17th, the theoretical possibility of publishing articles on the website Slant is that of any man. However, the editorial Director of resource Gatterman Amanda (Amanda Gutterman) said that with each of these authors has a professional editor. Together they come up with the title, illustrations, and choose promote material on social networks.

Gatterman when asked about the intervention by editing directly in the text, she replied that staff check Slant the facts, but try not to influence the thinking of the author. With the increasing number of authors, the editors may be to prioritize, paying attention primarily on the texts that seem important to her.

Prior to the full launch of Slant two months worked in test mode. During this period, the site collaborated with a limited number of authors (many of them work in the new York universities).

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