Nude the artist staged a performance in a German Museum

Visitors Westphalian state Museum of art and cultural history of the German city of münster witnessed a naked performance 32-year-old Swiss artist Milo Moira, writes Daily News.

Moira passed through the halls of the Museum, some shoes with heels with a baby in her arms, stopping at classic Nude paintings at the exhibition “the Naked life: Francis bacon, Lucien Freud, David Hockney and others.” By the artist calmly walked visitors to the Museum, also considering the paintings of famous masters.

“For their nakedness Moira became part of the exhibition”, — said on its website. Moira also told Swiss website Blick that the performance had not been agreed with the Museum, and many visitors believe that performance is organized by the curators.

Cute Moira is a Swiss artist and performer, became famous for his show at the fair “Art Cologne in Germany. During his performance of “Painting the falling eggs” Moira “gave birth” eggs filled with paint, standing over a white cloth on a square in Cologne. Eggs were smashed on a white sheet and formed patterns.

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