PAIRS of students were provided scholarships for chastity

In South Africa, has announced scholarships for young students. Girls “check” each time they come back from vacation

16 scholarships for chaste students were allocated to South Africa, according to “al-Jazeera”. It is believed that thus help the girls to retain their virginity and concentrate on her studies.

Jabulani Mkhonza, the representative of the district Uthukela of KwaZulu-Natal, said: “Children who gave scholarships, you should check every time they will come back from vacation. If they lose the virginity, the funding will cease.”

22-year-old medical student of the University, which has applied for a scholarship, spoke about the procedures that she had to walk. According to her “doctors “just looked”.

These scholarships are supposed to help the country contain the spread of HIV infection.

At the same time, activists fighting for the rights of women, criticized this decision. They note that such a solution may even be counterproductive, because it focuses on what girls just have to refuse sex. But it distracts attention from the issue of safe sex, and appropriate level of treatment for HIV. Besides, in their opinion, scholarships emphasize gender inequality, because sexual activity and the desire to learn are not connected.

Just Uthukela district 113 announced scholarships under the programme Maiden’s Bursary Awards, which began in January last year, but it is unknown how many fellowships were awarded in the 2015th.


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