Pants men exploded iPhone

An unpleasant incident occurred with a resident of the state of new Jersey. The man who has long enjoyed the iPhone, didn’t expect that a modern smartphone will become a cause of serious injury. The unit suddenly exploded in jeans American, and as a result he received severe burns on limbs.

This curious incident happened with Eric Johnson on Valentine’s Day. In celebration of lovers of the husband in the truest sense of the word was a fire in his pants. However, it was not from feelings, which he was full, and blast your own iPhone 5C, reports Have | with reference on the newspaper The Mirror.

“”My phone was in my pocket. I went in there to get the keys but don’t have time to do anything, she heard cotton. Pants went up in smoke,” said the victim.

He paulomi that first ignited his pocket. But then the flames engulfed his leg.

“I literally jumped in place, trying to get the phone out of your pocket. However, I was unable to do so because the gadget with a plastic case much melted. I had to rip my pants. I took them off and threw them,” admitted Eric. According to witnesses, “Apple” explosions in the air feel the “smell of charred flesh”.

After the incident the victim was taken to hospital. There, Johnson has spent about ten days. Experts have assigned it to a second injury severity. Now Johnson continues to attend medicinal procedures, because the consequences of the “fire” in your pocket still felt. The man intends to sue Apple.

In turn, the company said that they know about the incident and understand the details.

It is noted that this is not the first case when the world explode, ignite or start to smoke, causing the user injury. As a rule, the reasons lie in batteries and a cheap charger from a third party. However, Erik Johnson said that they had used only original chargers, USB and other accessories.

As previously noted in the media, was the first time an iPhone 5 directly in the hands of the owner recorded in Thailand. The owner of the smartphone was able to throw the device away and was not injured, but noted, will continue to refrain from buying Apple.

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