Prime Minister of Australia: “Russia’s Decision to veto a resolution resent each”

According to “Unity”, this was stated today by the Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott, commenting on yesterday’s meeting of the UN security Council.

Abbott stressed that he, like all other countries in the UN security Council, outraged by the act of Russia.

“ Thus, Russia has neglected the right of bereaved families to establish justice and punish the perpetrators of the Holocaust — said the politician. — Together with the Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium and Ukraine, we demanded that justice be done and the Tribunal was established. Our project was designed to turn justice into concrete action.

“ The veto of Moscow intensifies the crime. Can’t be excuses on the part of Russia. Should disparage this veto. Russia mocks its obligations to punish those responsible. Guilty, perhaps they think that since they can hide behind the decision of Moscow to avoid responsibility.

However, according to the head of the government of Australia, justice will still prevail. Australia will do its utmost so that the perpetrators of this barbaric attack were punished.

Now the international community will decide on an alternative mechanism for the punishment of the murderers.

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