Putin was willing to use nuclear weapons in Crimea

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the documentary “Crimea. The way Home”, which is broadcast in Russia, told about nuclear weapons according to Unity.info.

“”As for our nuclear deterrence forces, they are always in a state of full combat readiness”, — Putin said.

The Governor of the Kremlin noted that the cold war is over and should be avoided crises of the type the Caribbean, such actions were not necessary.

Besides, Putin has told, why in Crimea there were the military complexes “Bastion”.


“Bastion is a defense complex that protects the territory. Not only attacks, but it’s efficient, modern, high-precision weapons. Until such arms no one. This is perhaps the most effective coastal complex in the world today. Yes, and at some point we have to make it clear that Crimea is securely protected, has sent in these coastal complexes “Bastion”, — said Putin.

According to him, the complexes were deployed so that they could be seen from the sea.

“”We made a fortress of the Crimea. And from the sea and from land,” — concluded Putin.

Recall that Putin made these statements in an interview for the television movie “the Way Home”, the story of which was shown on the TV channel “Russia-1″.

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