Russia will build a pipeline to Macedonia instead of the “South stream”

The company Stroytransgaz, the Russian oligarch Gennady Timchenko begins construction of gas pipeline between settlements and Klechovce Negotino in Macedonia, which can provide deliveries of Russian gas to Eastern Europe via Turkey, instead of closed the “South stream”. Informs | with reference on the European truth.

Construction of the first phase of a gas pipeline length of 61 kilometres should take a little over a year. Further, the pipeline is planned to extend another 60 miles to the South and connect with the gas transmission system of Greece.

The cost of building sources is estimated at 75 million dollars, of which Macedonia will pay only $ 15 million, and the remainder will be funded with debt of the former USSR before Yugoslavia.

Earlier, the construction of the pipeline Klecovce-Negotino planned in the framework of the South Stream project, which could increase the supply of Russian gas to Macedonia to bypass the Ukrainian transit.

The oligarch Gennady Timchenko was hit by U.S. sanctions as one of the closest associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin a year ago after the annexation of Crimea by Russia. There is an opinion that claims against South stream from the EU could be partly explained Timchenko’s participation in the project.

We will remind, refusal construction of South stream was declared on 1 December during the visit to Turkey of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Subsequently, the Russian authorities have officially notified the European Commission about the failure of the implementation of this project.

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