Russian Academy of Sciences adopts the scientific work on floppy disks

RAS requires applicants for grants to provide competitive bids on diskette.

Work must also be done in MS Word-6, that is, in the version of the software, which was released in 1993. On a floppy disk to record the file with the abstract, information about authors and indicate the direction of the contest.

On the website of the RAS stated that the competition will not be allowed the papers not in the prescribed manner”.

About the requirements to wounds on his page on the social network Facebook has informed the employee of Institute of poliomyelitis Maria Success.

Judging from the website of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the regulations on RAS medals with prizes for young scientists was approved on 24 December 2002 and since then has not changed.

Later Prostov said that fans of advanced technologies in wounds too excited – the application can also be burned to a CD or flash drive, and perform work in newer versions of Word 97 and 2003 (the current version in 2016, Word 2016).

The popularity of diskettes has declined significantly in the 2000-ies in connection with the emergence of a more capacious and compact storage media. Leading manufacturers stopped making computers with floppy disk drive.

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