Russian filmmakers discussed the film project about the win over American teenagers “junta”

According to the is | Is with reference on Russian channel “Rain”, film project “Our” of the victory of Russian Teens over American “junta” has caused heated discussion among the members of the expert Council of Fund of cinema.

The film, according to the authors, will talk about Russian teenagers who would win the U.S. Marines that attacked Russia.

“ Such a film might unleash a third world war, this is a dangerous path, — the General Director of TV channel TNT Igor Mishin. — No need to provoke Teens to think about war, shooting such films”.

However, the representative of the company Central Partnership, which presented the project, did not agree with this opinion:

“ The Americans shoot a lot of movies about how Russia is attacking America — and nothing. Moreover, in our film talking about the war don’t with America and with the military junta, with the bad guys”.

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