SBU officer will test international students

The Minister of education and science Serhiy Kvit at a briefing on 25 September stated that not all foreign entrants will be able to enroll in Ukrainian UNIVERSITIES. To check the seriousness of the foreign entrant will be a special person.

Informs Еспресо.TV.

The Minister noted that the high level of corruption in those universities where foreigners study. Also involved in recruiting campaigns that help foreigners to enter Ukrainian universities.

“In recent years there was such practice that we can learn any foreign student who pays money. In these circumstances, here comes a lot of random people. You worry about the ambassadors of those countries who send us students? They want Ukraine back to their home doctors, engineers, etc. However, the proportion of students that come to us, just want to buy a diploma”, – said Kvit.

Therefore, the Ministry has decided to appoint the head of the “Ukrainian state centre of international education” officer of the SBU, which will be responsible for everything that happens to foreign students in Ukraine.

The Minister also announced the increase of requirements for prospective students from abroad to Ukraine went only those who are really motivated to learn.

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