Scientists from Stanford University have conducted a new study of humanoid robots

Scientists from Stanford University have prepared a scientific paper on the physiological reaction of a person from tactile contact with the robots.

The study took place in the following way: humanoid robot NAO asked to touch themselves, while participants hooked up to sensors that measured their level of alertness. When those present were asked to touch “private parts” of the robot, they felt the discomfort through the power and following orders.

According to scientists, this is due to a reaction to “humanity”, which does not allow to realize that the attendees are dealing with more than just a robot. One of the authors of the experiment – Jamie Lee, believes that the results of this work should take into account those who will create humanoid robots. So, the touch buttons to interact with humanoids need to place on their hands, legs and forehead because of this people will be easier to communicate with them.

Photo: screenshot of the presentation of the experience.

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