Scientists got the alchemical manuscript of Newton

The chemical heritage Foundation of the USA has acquired the manuscript, which for several decades was in a private collection.

In 1936, along with other documents from the archive of the Isaac Newton manuscript sold by Sotheby’s in London. At the same time a lot of documents bought by private collectors, but over time most of the paperwork, or gave state institutions, or sold them. Now most of Newton’s alchemical documents are held at Cambridge University, where he conducted his research.

The resulting manuscript is a copy of the text, written in Latin by the American physician and alchemist George Starkey, who signed the pseudonym Arenews Planetes. The document describes the process of obtaining the philosophical mercury (constituting element of the philosopher’s stone).

Also copied someone else’s text, in the manuscript there is a description of their own experiences of Newton. According to James Folkes, curator of the rare books, the scientist often used for records of the results of his experiments of paper that was lying around, turning them upside down and recording there new information. So it was received with the manuscript.

Researchers can not pinpoint the date of writing, but I suppose that a copy of the Newton made before first publication in 1678.

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