Scientists: no ‘magic’ ways of speed reading doesn’t exist

Scientists refute the widespread opinion about the effectiveness of speed reading techniques.

Deep understanding and memorizing large amounts of information is impossible in a short period of time. This was stated by researchers from leading American universities and institutions in an article published in “Psychological Science in the Public Interest”.

Svecofennian is the ability to perceive textual information at high speeds using special techniques. Such techniques include skimming, parsacova reading (when one opinion should take an entire paragraph), RSVP (display text on screen in a sequence of words) and others.

The average reading speed of an adult is about 200-300 words per minute, while when reading, it can grow twice – to 600 words. But an important characteristic of speed reading is the semantic assimilation of the read text. Here that scientists discovered the catch.

The fact that the techniques used in speed reading, are often reduce or change the functions associated with the visual system. But these functions have practical value for understanding the information. Say, our eyes automatically returned to the previous words in the text if they did not vosprinjali to the end. This movement of the eye in reality is only 10% of the total reading time. If you lose, the reading efficiency at high speed, on the contrary, will decrease.

Techniques of speed reading include the perceptions of the entire lines or paragraphs. However, research shows that information obtained peripheral vision when we focus on one or more words from a large number remains quite unclear.

Experiments psychologists have shown that an accelerated pace of reading can be effective only in two cases: when we are already familiar with the subject of the text, or when we really have a strong desire to delve and understand. When reading text on an unfamiliar topic, his retelling is a difficult challenge.
So, the researchers concluded that there are no “magic” techniques that enable you to read quickly and at the same time a good understanding of the text.

However, they note that to speed up the process of reading can be quite the old-fashioned way – by reading large numbers of books. The more the brain interacts with the text, the easier and faster it processes words.

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