Student KPI’s father designed the power station at sea

18-year-old student KPI Mykhailo Lytovchenko and his father came up with a modular power plant that generates electricity from sea waves.

The project has already received an international award — won first place in the competition, I-SWEEEP 2015 in the USA, the newspaper writes

Today, inventors take part in the semi-finals of the international competition of scientific innovations Tech-I GIST in the US, the prize Fund is $200 thousand.

Father and son tell you that the energy waves people do with the 60-ies of the last century, but still did not find adequate technical solutions.

“The vibrations are the same frequency. Wind and wave — that is frequent, then slow, then high, then low. Therefore, all modern systems show good results only in an artificial basin on a regular wave. Despite investments of hundreds of millions of dollars, all while at the stage of development pilot samples,” says Mikhail Litovchenko senior.

Dnipropetrovsk researchers believe that the error is in the very principle of such systems: no floats, no pendulums are not able to effectively produce energy from wind waves. Instead, the son and the father Litovchenko proposed breakwater technology-power plant, consisting of several shafts, mounted between two buoys that are attached at anchor. When any wave power the shaft will spin, will produce electricity and fresh water.

The inventors have already patented the idea and are planning to sell their facilities. According to them, the cost of one kilowatt-hour of energy produced is 10-12 cents.

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