Sumy students assembled 3D printer and printed it at work

Students of the Department of innovative technologies of Sumy state University has created his own three-dimensional printer for printing .

Using the device, the inventors were able to print mobile robot. They are confident that its advanced version in the future will be able to advise people and to do the homework. “He can move his head up and down. But here is inserted another unprogrammed engines. When they are going to program, the robot will move and will be able to speak,” said one of the inventors of novel pryhodchenko. Depending on the size and complexity one detail of this work is printed from 15 minutes to several hours.

However, now has made adjustments in the plans of guys who decided to print prostheses for soldiers ATO. The value thus created artificial brushes will reach 2-3 thousand UAH. Better than plastic, the higher the price. However, the price remains remarkably low, because the foreign analogues of such prostheses are hundreds of thousands hryvnias.

Now students make another 3D printer, more modern. It will allow to capture more orders, reduce the cost of production and to start the serial production.

Photo: screenshot from Youtube.

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