The Arab Sheikh proved that the Earth revolves around the Sun

In one of the educational institutions in Saudi Arabia Arab Sheik “proved” students are the property of the Earth relative to the Sun.

At first he tried to prove the absence of rotation of the Earth with quotations from religious literature, and then decided to explain his position on a concrete example — flight from UAE to China by plane.

“If the Earth rotates, China will also rotate and the plane will never reach it”, — expressed confidence Sheikh Bandar al-is Highbury.

Online resource does not specify which of the institutions gave a lecture Sheikh Bandar al-is Highbury. However, it is known that he heads the branch of the Saudi charity al-Haramain, which deals, in particular, the education of the poor in poor Muslim countries (construction of schools and centers for Islamic studies).

Video with explanations of the cleric is widespread in Twitter, users was accompanied by the publication of the hashtag #cleric_rejects_rotation_of_Earth and actively discussed the video.


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