The Cabinet further to pay work of teachers during the set

20 April 2016, the government supported the proposal of the Minister of science and education Hrynevych Lily to increase spending on the remuneration of pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical workers and other experts involved in external evaluation in 2016.

The law of Ukraine “On State budget of Ukraine for 2016″ has provided less than half the necessary funds, and it jeopardized the proper conduct of the EIT. Therefore, at the first meeting of the Government Liliya Hrynevych requested to make appropriate changes in programs 2201470 “Implementation of external assessment and education quality monitoring by the Ukrainian center of educational quality assessment and its regional divisions and to increase by 30 million the expenditures for the General Fund.

Only the need for budgetary allocations for the remuneration of pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical workers and other professionals involved in carrying EIT is 59 million 814 thousand.

The Minister hoped that the proposal to increase spending on the compensation of teachers will support the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, because the main session of EIT will begin in may and will run from 5 may until 17 June 2016.

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