The cast of “Friends” will gather again in the broadcast channel NBC

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All six favorite actors of the cult American TV series “Friends” – Jennifer aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer – will gather again on TV.

The special will be broadcast on NBC on February 21 and will be dedicated to the Director James Burrows (James Burrows), who created 15 episodes of “Friends”, including “where Ross and Rachel decide to take a break”.

About the long-awaited reunion of the actors said the President Renamed Bob (Bob Greenblatt). However, he noted that the details of the show are still being determined. “I hope all six of the actors will be at the same time in the same room,” he said, but warned, “But I’m not sure we can technically capable of it”.

Burrows took a number of other episodes of the cult TV series, including “Taxi”, “Cheers” (Ukrainian adaptation of “Bar”), “Show Mary Tyler Moore”, “Show Bob Newart”, “Will & Grace” pilot and series “the big Bang Theory”. He recently made his thousandth anniversary episode on TV (Comedy “Crowded” on NBC).

Other actors of his show should also become part of the special issue, but a reunion of “Friends” will be a particular joy for fans who have been waiting since 2004 when the series went off the air.

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