The chair JK Rowling sold at auction for thousands of dollars 394

The author of the world famous poterry put up for sale thing that are directly involved in the writing of the first two books in this series.

Present at the new York auction of such lot assessed value of 394 thousand dollars. The name of the buyer is unknown, but users of social networks not too lazy to post a picture of a chair.

Sold in Lota the writer left the inscription: “I wrote/Harry Potter/while sitting/on this chair (I wrote the “Harry Potter” sitting on that chair). Also here emblazoned the phrase “You may not/find me pretty/but don’t judge on what you see” (you May not find me attractive, but don’t judge by what you see).

The chair was manufactured in the 1930-ies. He went writer for free, as he was in her apartment in Edinburgh. In 2002, the writer gave it to a charity. According to her, the chair was comfortable, a place where her inspiration came from the Scripture.


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