The Institute launched its own radio

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Institution of the society will now have its own radio. The first broadcast of a new wave have already heard, he was devoted to the theme of student life: heavy morning awakening, “survival” for a scholarship, indisputable advantages of the hostel and student recreation.

A dream come true, one that is born in our minds and hot hearts student and only now had the opportunity to put into practice. The radio has the “community FM”, which every Monday promises not only to awaken after a long weekend of hibernation, but also to raise the audience mood, making vaccination against boredom and indifference, commenting on the opening of the Institute, according to the kreschatic.kiev.

The effectiveness of radiotherapy confirmed unqualified success of the first broadcast, during which it was revealed many interesting and topical issues driving the music.

Students and teachers are invited every Monday from 11:20 to 11:50 and 13:10 to 13:40 to become the new listeners of the radio waves.

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