The Kievans invited to talk about dystopia with writers

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Open discussion “Dystopia. Dictatorship. Society” based on the novel by Alexei Coupe “Aquarium” will be held on November 19 in the Bookshop “A”.

The dystopia novel “the Aquarium” – about the nature of dictatorship by the example of cruel social experiment on Ukrainian society. For discussion of Alexei Cupi join Vano Krueger and anatoii dnistrovyi. During the meeting the speakers will discuss the risks of the return of dictatorships in Europe, to avoid dictatorship and meaning of revolutions.

Oleksiy Chupa – Ukrainian poet, translator and prose writer originally from Donetsk. This year his novel “Aquarum” said special prize from the network of bookstores “Letter” in the framework of the International literary contest “Coronation of word”. Also novel included in the long list of literary award book of the year air force-2015

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