The logo of the Crimea from Lebedev will consider on a General basis

A year after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, decided to make the logo of the Republic, writes Are | the with reference on

One of the concepts developed in the design Studio of Artemiy Lebedev, at the request of the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea.

“”Crimea already has its own logo -” Crimea — the pearl of the world “, but, in our opinion, due to the fact that the concept of rest in Crimea has changed significantly, it needs reforming,” — said in a letter sent to the Ministry Lebedev.

Speaking about the change of mindset in the rest of the Peninsula, Crimean officials, probably mean is that after the sanctions imposed against the country by Western countries, Crimea became more of a pearl than the world. And, like a true rare gem, very expensive. Apparently, at least the logo got it for a lower price, the Ministry of Crimea appealed to Lebedev Studio to help them develop a new logo at no charge.

“”Today the Crimea attracts universal attention, on the Peninsula know even in the most remote parts of the world. A large amount of web designers already offer us free help in solving this issue, but we would like to ask You to honor the idea of a new Crimean brand, ” the letter said.

Logo developed by Artemiy Lebedev Studio has no clear color scheme and the brand became the name of the Peninsula.

“”The basis of the sign — typical inscription on a variable background. The logo was created in Russian and English languages. The symbol has a certain color and painted in any shade. Prefer bright or dark gradients on mixed backgrounds,” according to the website of the Studio.

How this work was actually altruistic is unknown, since the representatives of the Lebedev Studio on the request is not answered. However, after the Studio presented their project, Crimean officials offered to put it on competition with other participants.

“”The Ministry welcomed the idea and offers to put it up for public discussion in the ideas competition for the creation of a tourist brand of the Crimea, which starts on 18 March 2015 on the Day of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. I am sure that such a well-known professional in web design, as Artemy Lebedev, honored to stand the competition, ” said TASS, the Minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Elena Yurchenko.

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