The Orwell’s book “1984” became a bestseller in Russia 2015

The dystopia novel by George Orwell “1984” is one of the most popular books in Russia at year-end.

85 thousand copies of dystopia was bought by the Russians, RBC estimates. In last year’s Forbes book was not.

The first three places of the top 10 best selling books were: “the water planet” by Boris Akunin (168 thousand copies sold), “Loanin” Andy Vera (107 thousand) and “the Fault in our stars” by John green (103 thousand).

Novel George Orwell’s “1984” describes a world in which defeated totalitarianism. The people in it are deprived of personal freedom and personal life, and the downtime each day anew. The novel is considered one of the most significant literary works of the last century. In Ukrainian “1984” was published in the “Publishing house of Japonskogo”.

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