The paid meeting near the city Council gaining momentum

Along the Central street of the capital held a mass protest action, reports |

Hundreds of people from previously unknown organizations oppose the inactivity of the city Council.

As stated by the organizers, the participants want to draw the attention of the public and government for the inaction of the city authorities”. Among the protesters noticed a lot of homeless people. But at the venue of the participants offer for the entire rally hundred hryvnia.

According to witnesses, about 30 cars stopped the traffic on Khreschatyk near Kyiv city Council. In the courtyard of the city Council and on Bogdan Khmelnytsky street there are buses with militiamen.

Protesters and activists chanting “Klitschko, come out!”. Overall, the collection includes about a thousand protesters.

“”They met each other here throw, the standard fee of 100 hryvnias for the whole event. Me trying to “breed” the centurion, promises 80 UAH. I will try to get the money in hand. Pictured is my centurion in the black hat. They say that the rally against Europe and Klitschko. Gave you a white cloth. Now I paid full participant of the rally,” – wrote on his page on Facebook Director of the parks Department of the KSCA Dmitry Belotserkovets.

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