The Professor would plead with the student to protect the reputation

Graduate student of KNU, accused his former scientific adviser that he did not take her work, until she put between pages 200 dollars. The Professor said it will file a lawsuit for protection of business reputation.

“I didn’t pay any bribes in my country, until it was time to defend my PhD thesis” — these words begins the article of the former students of the Kiev national University named after T. Shevchenko Yulia Mendel in the American edition of Politico. The defense held four years ago. As told the Vice-rector for academic Affairs of the University Vladimir Bugrov, the Directorate has raised the papers to learn who was defending the author, because the article name is not specified. So I learned that the scientific supervisor was doctor of philological Sciences Yuri Kuznetsov.

“You have two options: the first option — you sue, then the University will support You as a person, who appealed for protection of their reputation. If You are not applying, You automatically admit the charges. Then the University raises question about Your stay here,” Hillocks outlined the essence of the conversation that occurred between the rector and Kovalam.

The Professor himself has already stated that it will file a lawsuit about protection of business reputation. For today it is already known that the trial will be held in Kherson, however, the date has not yet been appointed.

“The fact that she writes, — there is a lot of fiction. Inventions that supposedly there was no quorum present (at the time of protection of scientific work — ed)”, says Kuznetsov, and the article is very strangely written — full of hints”.

Evidence to confirm his testimony former graduate student cannot. According to her, then she didn’t even understand what happened. And to apply to the University administration and law enforcement officers dissuaded her.

To gather evidence necessary to approve the position of a student who opposes their teachers. This emphasizes Maria Simonov, the coordinator of the project “Clean universities”, which has seven months to monitor the situation in Ukrainian UNIVERSITIES. And the lack of evidence raises the question of independence of Julia Mendel.

At the same time, the expert notes that despite the fact that now it is almost impossible to confirm the story from four years ago, there is evidence that NUC extortion is present, in particular, at the Institute of journalism. “The problem is that teachers are not afraid to do it. Let’s say, for example, I am a teacher, I demand you — from the student a bribe. I know, first, that the court of this fact it is very difficult to prove, secondly, it would be difficult for me to put, well, almost impossible. Plus — even it will be very hard to release me from this University.”

In order to prosecute a teacher, you need two main things: students to unite and gather the facts. It worked at the National pedagogical University. Drahomanov: students collected facts, scanned documents and recorded conversations proving that the Director of the Institute of child development engaged in systemic corruption. The materials they brought to the Ministry of education and as at today the Institute is fully reformatted, informs

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