The son of Oliver stone will become the leading political show on Russia Today

Sean stone, son of Director Oliver stone will be leading a new political talk show Watching the Hawks on the Russian RT TV channel in the USA (previously called Russia Today). This is stated in the message channel, transmits |

Co-host stone bodø, the son of the former Governor of Minnesota Ventura Tyrel (Tyrell Ventura) and the RT journalist Tabitha Wallace (Tabitha Wallace). Three live they will discuss with guests “actual issues that are often ignored by mainstream media,” reports the channel. Chief editor RT Margarita Simonyan claims that the programme will give the channel the opportunity to speak to “those who were thrown out of ether in our own country”. This is not the first experience of cooperation of Ventura and stone as journalists. Previously, they were released on an American online media show Buzzsaw. Sean stone was born in 1984, frequently appeared in episodes of his father’s films (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, “Nixon”, “World Trade Center”, “South of the Border” and others). Stone, Jr. received a historical education in Princeton University, in the 2000s he has directed several documentary films about Iranian history and culture and about the Arab-Israeli conflict. He was a supporter of Iran’s nuclear program and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In 2012 during the filming of the next picture in Iran stone converted to Islam.

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