“The ugliest girl” made a documentary about his life (video)

Lizzie Velasquez, who suffers from congenital deficiency of weight, has presented the documentary “a brave heart: the Story of Lizzie Velasquez,” writes People Magazine, reports | Unity.info.

Its premiere in Texas has attracted a huge number of visitors and literally conquered the public, organizers said. It is worth noting that among them was attended by former classmates Lizzie, who first posted a YouTube video of her labeled “the ugliest”.

The 26-year-old girl, according to doctors, a rare and incurable disease that has no analogues in medicine — these patients only three on the planet and they can never gain weight.

Velasquez became the initiator of the campaign against bullying different from other people in society. The initiative has found many supporters. For example, the movie “Braveheart” was filmed on donations from caring for her trouble, was $ 215 thousand dollars.

Lizzie Velasquez also the author of three psychological benefits for those who want to cope with the unreasonably violent attitude in society.

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