Today at 16:25 Moscow time to the Earth will approach a large asteroid-Apollo

May 14 around 16:25 Moscow time to the Earth will approach a large asteroid 1999 FN53. It is reported by NASA, passes “Is”.

Asteroid 1999 FN53 with a diameter of about a kilometer and a mass of hundreds of thousands of tons will approach Earth at a distance of about ten million kilometres — or 26 of the distances between the Moon and the planet.

The parameters of the orbit of a celestial body can be attributed to the group of near-earth asteroids called the Apollos.

Currently there are about six thousand such objects. The asteroid poses no threat to Earth, but by the Agency it is not included in the list of potentially dangerous near-earth objects.

Scientists plan to use the approach of the celestial body to determine the parameters of its orbit. Now astronomers can determine his celestial mechanics for three thousand years.

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