Today Microsoft launches the Windows 10

Users of older Windows operating systems can install APRAD free passes “Unity” with reference to BBC Ukraine.

Also free the company will offer Windows 10 buyers of new computers.

Analysts say that this move shows that Microsoft is gradually no longer rely on Windows as their main source of income.

At the same time CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella called Windows 10 launch “a new era” for personal computers.

“ Windows 10 is a huge milestone for us as for the company, and, frankly, for the whole industry, ‘ said Nadella in comments to the BBC.

Prior to this, the company has updated the operating system every few years. Now, said Microsoft in, Windows will get aprade every few months.

According to representatives of Microsoft, the new operating system will be common to all kinds of devices: from personal computers and smart phones to gaming consoles.

The previous system, in which the company proposed to use before this, is called Windows 8. Moreover, the operating system is so poorly received users that Microsoft decided to “slip” the creation of a ninth version, to distance themselves from previous estimates.

On the eve of the launch of Windows 10, the Corporation launched the so-called Insider Program — the program, which allowed millions of users to test the OS and send feedback to the developers.

While initial feedback received the new operating system, has been quite positive.

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