Ukrainians got the chance to go to Mars


The Ukrainian engineer was one of 100 candidates who have qualified the company Mars One for flights to the Red planet.

This publication reports the Telegraph.

On the website Mars One brief presentation of potential astronaut — 26-year-old Ukrainian by the name of Sergey (the surname is not called). On the page of the candidate notes that he has long dreamed about space travel.

As candidates for participation in flight to the Red planet, the company chose 50 men and 50 women. The auditions were attended by more than 165 thousand people, but only 24 will be able to fly to Mars.

Mars One is a Dutch company founded by Bass Lansdorp for the organization of the human colony on the red planet. In may 2018 the project is planned to send to Mars test module, and in the mid-2020s — even people.

With the mission of the company is going to make a reality show: all the events Mars One intends to broadcast in real-time.

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