Ukrainians have identified the top 10 most popular books

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Publishing house “family leisure Club” has made a rating of the most popular books in Ukrainian and 2015. The rating was headed by Notepad Cary Smith “Destroy this journal”.

In 2015, the publishing house “family leisure Club” has sold the most copies of such books, reports Cultprostir:

1. Cary Smith “Destroy this journal”.

2. “Dyvosvit. Coloring for relaxation and inspiration” Millie Marotte

3. “Black sun” Vasyl Shklyar

4. “The country is bitter tenderness” Vladimir Lis

5. “Cover” Luko Dashvar

6. “God never blinks” Regina Brett

7. “Black obelisk, arch of triumph, the Night in Lisbon” Erich Maria Remarque

8. Sex Hooks “the Girl on the train”

9. “Schindler’s List” Thomas Knell

10. “Revival” Stephen King

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