University of civil defense of Ukraine received a patent

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Vice-rector on scientific work of Vladimir Andronov notes that in 2015, the University submitted 22 proposals and received 18 titles of protection on intellectual property right.

In the Treasury of the University made two invention patents, 14 patents for utility model and two certificates for employee’s work, as well as 3 positive decision on the results of the substantive examination in compliance with the terms of patentability, the website of the University.

In December there were received two patents:

  • “Method of extinguishing fires fountains gas” – the authors of the development were made by a creative team consisting of the head of the Department of engineering and rescue techniques Andrey Kalinovsky, assistant Professor in the same Department Stanislav Vinogradov and the Deputy chief of the Department of fire tactics and rescue work of Igor Grizine.
  • “Method of determining the level of deposition of solid particles on the internal surface of storage tanks of light oil products”, the authors are developing head of the faculty of fire safety Nikolay Udyansky, head of the Department of engineering and rescue techniques Andrew Kalinowski, Professor and associate Professor of the same Department, respectively, Alexander Larin and Alexander Kovalev, as well as lecturer of the Department of fire and technogenic safety of facilities and technologies Vladimir Phony.

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