Western universities wish to provide loans to students for online courses

6 of the world’s universities are discussing the creation of the Alliance, all of whose members will officially recognize the certificates for online courses issued by the partner universities.

Starting in 2016, universities USA, Australia and Europe are in negotiations, which can create a new ICA-based platform, which will include nearly 200 online courses.

At the moment on the likely involvement said the University of Queensland and the Australian national University is a Charter member of the edX platform. Also, this opportunity is ready to consider other universities, for example, Boston, the University of British Columbia or the Swiss Federal Institute of technology.

On the one hand, that’s fine, because the students most of the free online courses can’t earn credits, and the new system will allow them to charge. Also they will cost much less than regular full-time education.

On the other hand, completing online learning, students most likely will have to go through the rest of the program on campus at full cost.

In addition, the proposed scheme will be the first international initiative for online courses. Through this, you will need to create a reliable test for courses and a special code to measure level and weight of each course, inform Time Higher Education.

In March, the universities, the members of edX, will meet in Delft (the Netherlands) to determine the best way to combine distance courses and filling the gaps, which other universities don’t teach, and the introduction of PhD courses online.

Now students can take 7 online courses, reports ARFWEEKENDS.


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