Cat cafe: coffee in a furry company

If you for some reason can’t have a cat, the gaps in communication with these four-legged can be filled with sitting in a cat cafe.

The world’s first cat cafe opened in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. Subsequently, the idea gained popularity in Japan (in Tokyo now about 40 of them) and began to spread across the planet. Now cat cafes can be visited in Vienna, Paris, London, Madrid, Budapest.

The highlight of such institutions, as you probably guessed, is a large concentration of cats per 1 m2. It is worth noting that cat cafes are not only positive charge to its visitors, but also ease the heartache of those who are forced to permanently leave your pet alone. With proper veterinary help, cat cafes, as a rule, accept all cats. In Ukraine, this industry is just beginning to gain momentum.


m. Kharkiv, vul. Sumskaya, 35 (Central Avenue of Kharkov zoo)

First cat cafe in Ukraine works since 2013. It is decorated in Japanese style: mask Pape-mache, large fans and lots of pillows, there is a summer Playground. On the menu sushi, desserts and drinks. KittyСafe is right in the zoo, and that means you can get to it only after visiting the zoo. Adult ticket costs 40 UAH. All kittens have a veterinary certificate.


m. Lviv, vul. Kopernika, 11

And without that dainty gastrotourism Lviv 1 may added to another interesting school. The couple from the Crimea opened ZooCafe. Here you will find a wide choice of dishes and a company of 8 cats. In ZooCafe care about cleanliness, guests are asked to change shoes or wear Shoe covers. You can come with your Pets (not just cats), which also offers an easy chair and a bowl of sweets. But for four-legged guests do not quarrel with the owners of the cafe is divided into 2 zones. In addition, ZooCafe waiting for a raccoon.


m. Kyiv, vul. Vladimir, 45-and

Indie bookstore “harms”, though not belong to the category cat cafe, has its own mascot – a charismatic cat Eliot, about whom not to mention. In other words, cat is there, but the atmosphere of this place is so filled with love and comfort that the word “cafe” is simply inappropriate. “Harms” is a unique place with a vinyl, high-quality literature (books, incidentally, can be rented) and specialty coffees. And here is atypical of the author’s kitchen, piano, and Bicycle Parking.

Photo: social networks, stock-up.

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