Extreme tourism in Ukraine: what to try?

For lovers of unusual holiday – a selection of places in Ukraine where you can climb rocks, jump with a parachute and to be overcome with extreme.

“Study” tells where in Ukraine you can experience extreme relaxation, how much it costs and how to prepare for the conquest of peaks and lakes.


Skydiving today is a full − fledged professional sport. Skilled skydivers gain skills over the years, experiment and conquer new heights. However, this does not mean that people without experience will not be able to jump with a parachute. This requires several hours of training with an instructor, and in the evening you already stibnite, at least, from a height of 800 m.


  • In 40 km from Kyiv on the territory of the airfield “Borodyanka” Association “para-Skuf” that belongs to conducting skydiving for beginners. The price jump is 800 UAH. Jump here every weekend and public holidays during the warmer times of the year. Usually the season lasts from April to November. It also periodically hosts sports camps and competitions.
  • In Chernigov parachute jump can be done for 650 UAH. Organizes Chernigov aviation sports club (ASC), located in 70 km from Kiev.You can jump every weekend, training starts at 9:30.
  • In the Lviv region, Gorodok district, at the airport of Tsunyami to skydive on the weekends. Price – 500 UAH. for the jump from height of 800 m. Fee for instruction at 10 am.
  • In Odessa skydiving provides aviation-technical sports club “Antey”. Cost – from UAH 1 000.
  • In Kharkov a parachute jump at the airport “Korotich”. The jump organizes the Kharkiv flying club. Price jumps please contact the club.

The rope and bungee jumping

Rope jumping is a young but already enough popolani kind of extreme sport. You jump with high industrial or other structures/objects using professional climbing equipment. For a certain period of time you are in a free fall and then stop due to the depreciation system.

Bungee jumping − similar to rope jumping, but here the jump is upside down with the legs attached to the special cables that attach to cranes or bridges.


  • Bungee jumping can be experienced in the Kiev Hydropark. Price jump – from 300 UAH.
  • In Odessa, the team X-organizes sport of rope-jumping with the “adrenaline Factory”. Price jump – from 290 UAH.
  • To try rope jumping in Kiev on the pedestrian bridge leading to the island comes island. The cost of the jump from 100-200 UAH.
  • Еxtremegroup arrange for the rope and bungee jumping in Zaporozhye. Cost – 250 UAH.
  • Jump in Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv possible from the active leisure club “Adrenaline”. Exact cost on the website of the club.


Rock climbing can be enjoyed and scleroma, and on natural rocks. The first Ukrainian enough, but to try yourself as a climber somewhere in the Carpathian mountains – much more fun. Rock climbing courses regularly organize various sports clubs in all corners of Ukraine. The price of these tours varies depending on the city.


  • Dovbush rocks – a place for climbing in Western Ukraine. There are trails for beginners and professionals.
  • Known climbing wall in Danis Zhytomyr region. One of the most popular places for rock climbing. The rocks here reach 25 m.
  • Climbing wall in Buky canyon Mountain Tikych.

Scaleless other regions in Ukraine can be found on the portal Extreme.


Another extreme sport and recreation, available in Ukraine. – Rafting on a mountain river on an inflatable boat, raft or kayak. To book tours or 1-day white water rafting in the recreation clubs in any city of Ukraine.


  • The most extreme rafting on Cheremosh in the Carpathians. Special tours you can book once in Kyiv, Lviv or elsewhere. The cost of 1 riding, which lasts almost 2 hours – 200 UAH. Also available multi-day tours.
  • In Ukraine also offer rafting on the southern bug. The complexity of the alloy is much easier. The price – from 200 UAH.
  • Watch the beautiful scenery and experience the extreme white water rafting on the Dniester.

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