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21 June in Kiev, travelers are going to travel Travelage forum, which aims at real examples to show that the exchange rate does not prevent travel. Anya Morozova, who with partner Mary traveled around the world for the price of a Macbook, shared with “Studem” the formula to a successful trip. To get into such places where there are no “white people”

“The first is not to build any fantasies, expectations “to”, because they can not vibramicina. Second – to choose with whom you go. When you are traveling for the first time with a stranger, very often there are surprises. You agree or not, or do not find a common language. It is better to go with trusted people. Third – it would be nice to have someone who can show the country from within. Fourth – to take the minimum of things. It is also important to read about the country you are traveling, know what to see, where to go. However, this does not mean that you should only visit tourist places. I try to combine. Say, you’re come to India. How not to see the Taj Mahal! You realize that there are lots of tourists, but at the same time understand that this is an incredible building. Sometimes we’d go up in such places, not just where there are no tourists, there is no “white people”.

Take along someone experienced

In the journey anything can happen. And the more experience, the less fear, and so throughout. For the first time is very scary to even jump with a parachute, but then that is easier. The best option is to take along someone experienced.

In my travels it was really a lot of extreme situations. Rescued what we struggled with panic and act with a cool head. Us and tried to rape, and in the open sea were carried away, and in the woods I got lost. The main advice is not to panic.

Beginner? Fly to Istanbul

An inexperienced traveler-Ukrainian I advise you to fly to Istanbul. First, do not need a visa, secondly, the flights are cheap, thirdly, a very interesting city. Another place – Georgia.

After returning to Ukraine and then do your business. I, for one, do projects, travel, write articles. It is bad when there is no work. But if it is, it may well be anywhere in the world.

Now I personally don’t like the trend, “the office is not good.” Nothing of the sort. We were in the office Facebook is the best office on the planet. If I was offered to work there, I would have no doubts.

On Facebook there is a community of People of New York. There people take pictures of the locals and write about them short stories. There was a picture of a toilet cleaner. The guy says that it is the cleanest toilet in new York, and photographs of this janitor who does his job with love. This is the most important.

I preach what people need to see the world

The first 5-6 years of life form a in you the desire to travel. This is not a basic need. Is curiosity.

I preach that people should see the world. I’m not saying to drop everything work, and just convinced that you can do it. Now this trend, which will soon, in my opinion, can be replaced by the trend of the cosmos. Everyone will be obsessed with space.

On a travel forum, which will take place soon in Kiev will be a lot of people with unique experience. For example, I do not know how to ride a bike, and there will be Ruslan Maiboroda, who rode his Bicycle across Africa, China and Pakistan. I have this guy who lived a year in our Antraktida, played football with the England team at -40. It is also a good place to find a traveling companion in the journey.”

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