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For lovers of green tourism and all lovers of an active holiday with unforgettable scenery nothing to find a better place than the Carpathians. Clean air, the smell of juniper, the coolness of streams and touch the centuries-old history – you can see and feel summer in the mountains.

Experienced hikers can cover several peaks during one trip. But for those who loves comfort and is spending the night in a tent without water, you can plan small 1-day routes. Tourists: novice persuade: “With every rise will be all the easier, and emotions more”.

Where to start the journey and how much time to spend on climbing to the top ‒ not so important. Vladimir Senko and his friends last year made the trip from the city to Petros, Pop Ivan. A memory and a future tour for inspiration they have created a special video.


This mountain is one of the most dangerous. It is often called “storm the mountain” because the summit is often hit by lightning and strong wind twist metal charms set on it, in a spiral. Petros is located just behind the mountain, and its height ‒ 2 020. Particularly impressive views of the main ridge of Chornohora, which can be seen throughout its length.

Starting points: the railway station KVASy or village Lazeshchyna. You can get there by train.


Hoverla is the highest top of Ukraine (2061 m). From Petros it leads to a fairly steep slope, so tourists should be careful and cautious. The descent takes 30 to 50 minutes. On the top of the mountain include a stone cross, a monument in the form of a Trident, the national flag and 4-koutny concrete column, which in winter is completely ableplanet snow.

From the summit offers unforgettable views of the neighboring mountains and the city. If the visibility is good, you can see Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Sniatyn and the Romanian city Sighetu Marmatiei.

Starting points: educational-sports base “Zaroslyak” (you can drive up to the base by car), railway station Lazeshchyna.


This is the lowest of Carpathian 2-thousanders ‒ 001 2 M. the Top is the center of Montenegrin mountain range, through it early in the last century hosted the Polish-Czechoslovak border. Since here the remains of entrenchments, barbed wire and border posts numbered.

Source: S. Bystrets. You can get there by bus route “Kyiv-Verkhovyna” to Iltsi village or by train to Vorokhta. From there you can catch a taxi or make use of hitchhiking.


The height of the peak – 2018 Say that the unusual name comes from disco language and means “grey tops”. Climbing lasts up to an hour, so you can leave your stuff and climb to the top without the extra weight. The mountain is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Carpathians, and many local species of plants is truly unique.

Source: S. Bystrets.

Mountain and lake Brebeneskul

The second highest peak of the Carpathians (2 032 m) and the highest mountain lake of Ukraine, which is located at a height of 1801 m. Slopes are steep and rocky, so the climb would be difficult and tedious. But after overcoming the top you can take the opportunity to swim in the lake. The water temperature usually 15°C; however, according to experienced hikers, this is one of the warmest waters on the Montenegrin ridge.

Starting points: the urban-type settlement of Vorokhta (can be reached by train or bus), S. Bystrets.

The Pope Ivan Chornogirskiy

The mountain is also called Black Mountain or White Elephant. Its height is 2 028 m. the top stone is located astronomical and meteorological Observatory, which is considered the highest building in Ukraine, which is constantly living and working people.

Starting points: dzembronya village (the route from the village Iltsi), S. Luga (Transcarpathian region). You can get there by train from Lviv to Rakhiv and from there transfer to a bus.

Non-stop in the mountains

Very popular is the route from the city to Petros, PIP Ivan, which entails climbing 6 mountains, and a review of the highest lakes of Ukraine (Petros – Goverla – oz. Frantic – the Edge – G. Gutin Tomnatyk – oz. Brebeneskul – G. Brebeneskul – Pop Ivan). This trip takes 3-4 days and reaches 60 km. Not everyone will agree on such a test. But the brave men who overcame all the difficulties, say that this experience will never forget. The guides advise:”Go to the mountains, while you are young”.

Recently, Webmil team from Ivano-Frankivsk created the first platform combining a travel guide, calendar of events and database of hotels. Now tourists can easily plan customized itineraries and visit only those places that interest them.

“We put ourselves in the place of the user who knows about the Carpathians, only that it’s the mountains somewhere in Western Ukraine. Tried to implement the most convenient service for those who have never been in the Carpathians,” explained the founder of the platform, Nikolai Semegen, writes Inspired.

Photo: social networks, stock-up.

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