Lake instead of a sea of options for recreation

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to escape the city and enjoy relaxing by the water. “Study” offers a budget alternative to the holiday on the beach – journey to the lakes of Ukraine. About where to go and how much it will cost – in our material. Blue lake

3 lakes, which are located in Repki district of Chernigov region. It’s not just the lakes, and quarries that have filled with spring water. Most of Blue lakes has an appropriate name. Here you will find crowds of tourists and you will find the recreation. Ponds there are several beaches surrounded by pine forests.

Where to stay?

The cost of 2-bed houses built in the recreation center near the lakes – 250 UAH. per day. Affordable and more expensive options. For example, a house with a terrace on the water will cost 300 UAH. You can also stay in the camp: paid (within 50 UAH.) or free.

How to get there?

You can get there by train from Chernigov train station is Gribova Rudnya. The train runs 4 times a day. From there, walk another 500-1 000 m from the lakes. The trip from Chernigov will cost 20-30 USD.

Shatsky lakes

The complex consists of 30 lakes, which belong to the Shatsk national natural Park. The largest is Svityaz. It is the deepest and second largest lake in Ukraine. Especially attracted to these ponds clean the water. Say, the Lake at the depth of 8 m can be seen a sandy bottom.

Other popular destinations in Sand and lake Pulemetske.

Where to stay?

On the shores of the lakes there are numerous private sector, motels and campsites. You can also stop the inhabitants from the nearby villages. Cheaper but not as convenient. Most expensive rest at the lake Svityaz, a little cheaper – in Sand.

Price per cottage − min 200 UAH. To rent 1-bed room is cheaper. You can rent and advance. There is another option – camping sites (free or paid).

How to get there?

From Kovel taxi to the village Svityaz. Hence the flights run every half hour. Ticket price – 50 UAH. Direct flights to the Shatsk lakes are going and from other cities of Ukraine.

White lake

Good place for a budget holiday in the region. In the reservoir the high content of glycerin, which is why the water has medicinal properties. At the time, water from the lake drove all the way to Poland for the treatment of the spouse of the head of the Polish state, Pilsudski. Today, White lake is used as recreational area: there is a beach, playgrounds, boat, and other entertainment.

Where to stay?

At the recreation center “White lake” price per day – from 200 UAH. (with food). You can also stay in a nearby village for three times lesser price, but to the lake every day have to walk several kilometers. Another option of free camping.

How to get there?

The most convenient way by bus from Exactly or Kuznetsovsk. Similar flights go from many cities of Western Ukraine. Road depending on the proposed lines would cost between 40-50 USD.

Lake Yalpug

Here should go if only because it is the largest lake in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Yalpug is located in the Odessa region. The lake is rich in diverse flora and fauna – many cancers, several dozen species of fish. They say that Yalpug on the way to Odessa stopped the poet Alexander Pushkin. Local assure that even growing near the oak tree he planted. Yalpug – perfect for fishing and relaxing stay.

Where to stay?

Built near the recreation center, rooms which are not less than 50-100 USD. per day. You can also put up a tent by the lake.

How to get there?

The lake is located near Bolgrad. You can get this place from Odessa and Izmail. The road will cost between 100-200 USD. in the same direction.

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