The trip to Manyava

More colourful and contrasting than the Carpathian villages, there is nothing to look for. They say that all trails lead to the mountains. But, in the Carpathians, there are still some small settlements which have not been known until then as he will not appear there. “Study” will tell you that there in the mountain villages special and why you should go to the Manyava.

Manyava is a small village in Ivano-Frankivsk region, is located 25 km from the railway station “Nadvirna”. It is located in a picturesque mountain cleft. According to researchers, the settlement appeared on the territory of one of the oldest settlements in the Carpathians. Now amaze tourists not only long-standing traditions and patriotism of local residents, but also how aptly reflect the local landscape character and the character of their people.

What to see

Prominent place of the village Manyava skete of the seventeenth century. This is a relatively small secluded monastery, founded by a native of Athos monk job Knyahynytsky. In my time here there was a large library of old books. Legend has it that before the monastery was repeatedly visited oprishok legendary Hutsul Olexa Dovbush. For Manyava skete monk-painter job Kondzelevych in the eighteenth century. created known Bohorodchany iconostasis, which is now kept in the National Museum in Lviv. Some researchers believe that the monastery is buried Hetman of Ukraine Ivan Vyhovsky.

In 380 metres from Manyava monastery is the Blessed stone – a place of prayer and purification from evil, where once he came himself Daniil Galitsky. From this stone for centuries, flowed the water and the properties of the source of the French equate to miraculous Lourdes.

Above the monastery, manyavsky waterfall – one of the highest in the Carpathians (the water falls in several cascades from a height of about 16 m). To appreciate such beauty, you need to walk at least 2 km of gravel road. It will take just under an hour. The road to the falls is very picturesque, and the granite walls of the canyon here sometimes reaches 20 m At the foot of the waterfall there is a small lake. Locals say that the lake water tends to rejuvenate those who bathe there.

The Bear Museum opened in Manyava since 2006. Anyone interested in fauna and flora, it will be useful to look here. The Museum is located in the center of the village, near the building of the village Council. Tours are free, but they must be pre-arranged.

14 km from the village of Manyava in there Starunya mud volcano is unique not only in the Carpathian region, but also in the whole world. More than a century ago there began to develop oil fields. Ground water cause oxidation of oil, which gives the flow of thermal energy that feeds the volcano. Today, the volcano has 8 craters and 12 non-permanent mccarraher, there are gas, water, clay slurry, sometimes oil or its components. Hot mud and water of high salinity have medicinal properties, so wishing to look at “mud stain that breathes through the craters” will be a lot.

Challenge accepted?

For those who for the first time in the Carpathian region, it will be interesting to see the look of traditional haystack (in many villages have their “production technologies”), enjoy the clean mountain air and cool forests, to learn a few words of local dialect. And will want to move a small mountain river (in summer the water is so cold, that it may seem that the legs criant), to try the local cuisine, to join the shepherds and at least try not to lose a single cow. Take a picture of the scenery for Instagram and wander through the village in search of Internet.

Where to eat and relax

At the monastery, Manyavsky skete and works refectory where you can eat. Tourists say it: “Cheap and tasty”. There is also a possibility for a few hours to feel like a real monk.

To spend the night in the village is possible only in a tent under the open sky. In Manyava there are designated areas for camps. For those who appreciate comfort, there is another option – to stay for the night at local residents who often rent out rooms or whole houses to rent, or to book your hotel in Nadvirna, 25 km from the village.

Photo: Nina Lishchuk.

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