Trekking the Montenegrin ridge of the Carpathians

“Study” continues to tell about his travels to Ukraine. This time we have prepared an itinerary of the Montenegrin mountains – the Alpine heart of the Carpathian national nature Park. Having overcome it, you will see the highest Ukrainian village Dzembronya, Brebeneskul lake, an Observatory on the mountain PIP Ivan and the incredible scenery. Preparation for a hike

Pack a backpack. The main thing to remember is that you won’t be able to carry themselves. So I take the minimum needed: warm sleeping bag, caremat, tourist tent for a few people (not camping, because in the mountains is strong wind), comfortable shoes with thick soles. And pants, jacket, raincoat, t-shirts, underwear, socks, a cap or hat (at altitude it is very easy to burn the skin), hygiene products and light dishes.

Equipment group: gas burner, pan, food, map “Chornohora” scale 1:50 000 (costs about 35 UAH. in the tourist shops). In the natural Park cannot be bonfires and wood at an altitude of 1800 m to find problematic. Especially mountain pine belongs to the Red book. Everything else is optional. Sources on the way there are many, but don’t forget the bottles (2 liters per person), to collect water for cooking.


A Hiking route starts from the sports base “Zaroslyak”, so going by train to Vorokhta. Next − taxi for 4-7 people to Zaroslyak (250 UAH. per car). The road is broken, there is no direct bus.

The route ends in the village dzembronya. Going from village to Verkhovyna by taxi (250 USD.) or turn on the village Shybene (4 km walk) − by bus (15 USD. from the person). Next to the bus station in Verkhovyna buy a ticket to Ivano-Frankivsk (UAH 60). Enjoy the “wonderful” roads.


The route is marked on trees and stones have color labels (yellow), some pointers that are often found groups of tourists. Get lost is difficult, and the trail is well trodden.

“Zaroslyak” – lake Nesamovyte

About this part of the route “Study” has already told, so the details will not stop. Follow the trail and markers, crossing the river Prut. For 2.5-3 hours with lunch at the lake. The tent cannot be placed closer than 100 m from it, so as not to affect the ecosystem. But it’s not a problem: mining is large, you may depart. This summer, the lake is not deep, and still looks very nice from the ridge at sunset. Also it can be seen Hoverla.

Nesamovyte lake – Brebeneskul lake

A small passage (2-3 h) to Ukrainian higher lake ridge. Quite a steep descent to the lake Brebeneskul, which is surrounded on all sides by mountains. If there is a lot of time and energy, you can go to the Edges and Pinnacles (rocky mountains).

Lake Brebeneskul – PIP Ivan mountain

The route takes about 5-6 hours and runs mostly along the ridge with little elevation changes, beautiful scenery and climb the mountain, where there is an old Polish Observatory. There often get a bed. In the Observatory there is a room with wooden sunbeds on the ground floor and a secret room upstairs, which can be accessed through a hole in the wall. Thick walls protect from the wind, and the tent is comfortable.

Recommend to Wake up at sunrise, he’s incredible here. Over the villages very often a thick fog, which is highlighted in orange sunlight. If you have a little time, but I have strength, the route from the city to the mountain Brebeneskul, Pop Ivan can be completed in 1 day.

PIP Ivan mountain – vuhatyi Kamin mountain − dzembronya village

The scenic section of the route – the descent takes about 5 hours. On the way will see small falls.

Overnight stay can be arranged in tents above the village, which is actually very scattered, or in the tourist shelters “Kiev house”, “Manor Chornohora”, “Maria” (from 90 UAH. per day), where there is an opportunity to relax. The village is often covered by a dense fog that dissipates by 10 am, is an interesting phenomenon. Here you can see the local Church, to communicate with the Hutsuls, gather blueberries or herbs.

The total budget tickets for trains from Kiev and back, food for 5 days and the move was about 700 UAH. Plus overnight in Dzembronya − 90 UAH. The route is well suited for travel and photographic journeys. Of additional costs and environmental charge of 20 USD. at the entrance to the reserve.

Photo: Nina Lishchuk, Dmitry Glaucha.

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