Useful mobile apps for velemento


Recently we told you about the rules of the road for cyclists. I now provide an overview of mobile applications that make velodoroga interesting.

Interactive map of Bicycle Parking facilities in your city, rentals, interesting routes, veltinukai statistics, detailed guide on repair of two wheelers and other useful apps for cyclists − compilation “Studio”.

Strava Cycling

One of the most popular applications experienced cyclists. Strava Cycling GPS records your route, distance, pace, time spent and other details. In the app you can view the routes of other users and even compete for the championship at a certain track.

Runtastic Road Bike Traker

A mobile app that keeps track of virtually all parameters of the bike tour: duration, distance, altitude, route, calories. Useful for doing statistics. The app is not only suitable for road bikes but for mountain (Mountain Bike Traker). Both versions are maximally adjusted to the characteristics of the bike. The maps app is also available for cyclists with the routes all over the world.

Bike repair

English-language mobile application that will be required when damage to your bike. The app includes step by step instructions on repair of separate parts of the bike. Especially need a guide on long journeys, when there are hard to find velomaster.


Mobile app for selection of routes according to your preferences and level of training. In addition to saving trails and keeping statistics, Hike&Bike gives recommendations on where to go and what to see. You can view the surface of the proposed route, distance and other details.

Assistant cyclist

The application is developed in the form of a directory. Here you can find information about kinds of bikes, their structure, how to pick up a vehicle and repair it.

Adviser to the cyclist

100 tips for cyclists-beginners. How to pedal which technique is the most effective exercise to regain strength after workouts, the important rules during the trip and many other useful recommendations.

Bicycle Light

The program, which will help in case of malfunction alarm means and reflectors. The app simulates the front or rear signal light on your bike. You only need to conveniently attach your smartphone on the bike.

Bike doctor

Service center, which is always at hand. Available in the app explains how to repair a Bicycle. The program is made by an expert from the structure of the bike. All information is in English.


Useful interactive map for cyclists, which has Bicycle Parking, rentals, shops, service centers, workshops in over 120 cities (Ukrainian in particular). Each user can add map for new locations and leave reviews.

Speed View

A mobile application that monitors and records the speed of Cycling. In addition to the current speed, the app also shows a graph of its change. Mobile app simple and easy to use.

Image: screenshots of applications, to stock-up.

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